On The Mend

Hi everybody

Sorry I didn’t write an update last week but I was feeling a bit poorly.

I got to see my big sister last weekend and we had a big cuddle. She’s a bit silly but I really love her because she always gives me my dummy when I whinge!


After 2 days on Ward 12 I was moved back to Ward 28 as they realised I wasn’t that poorly.  I’ve got a new room right next to the nurses desk so I can shout when I want some attention!

I’ve had a busy week this week.  I’ve been visited by the physios who’ve been checking on my neck muscles. Mummy and Daddy sit me up and wave toys to get me to turn my head and keep telling me how clever I am! I’ve also seen the dietician who said I can have 5ml of milk every 3 hours.  I want him to let me have more but he won’t let me!

As I’m now a bit better on Wednesday I had my eyes checked which I hated (that’s why I’ve pretended to be ill for the last 2 weeks!) and they’re growing as they should be so no more nasty lasers! 
On Thursday I got to have my barium study so my Mummy and Daddy are now waiting to find out if my intestines are growing!  I had to have a chalky drink so they could do their special xray but Mummy and Daddy didn’t know so they freaked out when they checked my stoma bag and it was all white, ha ha!
Emma the play specialist came to play with me as well and did hand and foot prints with me.   I didn’t really like having my hands done so she got a bit messy trying to get me to flatten my hand.


Phew, it’s making me sleepy just sharing all my news so I’m off for a nap now.

Lots of love



Back to Ward 28

Hi fans!

Sorry I didn’t update you all last week but I was feeling pretty poorly. I’ve mostly been resting and fighting those germs.


This is me sleeping on my Mummy’s chest!

I had 4 days on Ward 12 where the nurses could keep a closer eye on me.   They soon realised what a tough little guy I am when after 2 days I took my oxygen nasal prongs out by myself and managed just fine and I moved back to Ward 28 on Saturday night.

Daddy had a shock when he came to see me on Thursday.  Mummy had warned him I was a bit yellow but he decided I looked like a corn fed chicken.  He’s so cheeky….I’ll get my own back when he changes my nappy next!

After 48 hrs with antibiotics locked into my broviac line to try and kill those nasty germs, the doctors tested my line again and it was ok so on Friday night my TPN got restarted.  I have had to have lots of blood tests, which means getting jabbed in the foot, but the doctors are happy that the magic numbers are getting better and I don’t look so yellow either.

I have missed my bottles so much and have been a bit of a diva demanding my dummy. ..a boy’s got to have some pleasure!  Thankfully the doctor said I could start having bottles again today so my Mummy and Daddy gave me 2mls of milk every 2 hours today.  It tasted so good even though it was only a tiny bit.

I still have my silly hat too as I need my cannula for my antibiotics for a few more days yet. The nurses try and wrap me up so I don’t pull at it but I’m quite good at wriggling!

I had my photo taken for the Leicester Mercury too as Mummy is trying to make people aware of how nasty NEC is and for this blog!

That’s it for now as I’ve got to get some rest as my noisy sister is visiting with Mummy and Daddy tomorrow as she’s got a day off school.

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Lots of love