Keeping A Close Eye

Hi everyone

After a good week last week and only needing a little bit of oxygen at night Daddy and Ella came up to see me last Friday after school.  I was really pleased to see them!


My big sis seeing the Christmas bull!

On Saturday morning Mummy and Daddy found out I’d managed without oxygen so Dr Abel Hady said I could go home for the weekend! It was brilliant!  When I got home I had a lovely big sleep while Mummy,  Daddy and Ella made the house all Christmassy!  Then on Sunday Nanny and Grandad came round and Mummy cooked a big roast lamb dinner.  I just played on my mat though!

On Monday morning Daddy had to bring me back to BCH for my ECP.  The eye doctors had had another look at my eyes before the weekend and decided they weren’t improving quick enough and Mummy and Daddy agreed I should have an amniotic membrane on both my eyes on Tuesday.   This would act like a bandage and cover the scratches and help my eyes heal.


All ready for theatre

On Tuesday I went to theatre but unfortunately Mr Paruleker found I had a big perforation in my right cornea so could only put the membrane on my left eye. He filled the hole in theatre but when the consultant checked my eye on Wednesday fluid was still leaking through into my eye and they decided I need a cornea transplant and fast or I would lose my eye.  Mummy and Daddy were really upset and Ella was too as this would probably mean I couldn’t be home for Christmas.
Luckily Professor Shah was in BCH yesterday who is a cornea expert and there was a spare cornea so at 6pm last night I went to theatre!  At the same time Mummy packed at home and Daddy came home and now I have Mummy, Daddy and Ella with me!  It means Ella’s missed two days of school but she doesn’t mind as she gets to join in the carol concert in the hospital chapel this afternoon.

In the meantime I’m having ECP and playing happily even though I look like a pirate!


Ah me hearties!

That’s all for now. Whether I get home for Christmas remains to be seen but I’ll keep smiling.