Only A Trickle

Hi everyone

I’m back home…on good old Ward 8 at Birmingham anyway. 


Yep I'm a Superman.... a lazy one

I finally got off the ventilator last Wednesday in Sheffield so that made it a bit easier to get back to BCH and last Thursday me and Daddy managed to get transferred. I was glad to get back and after a week with just Daddy I was really happy to see Mummy and Ella at the weekend.  Now its just me and Mummy so I’m getting a bit bored of her now and want to get home and see Daddy and silly Ella!

I’ve done well this week and quickly got off the oxygen,  but overnight I’ve been needing the tiniest trickle of oxygen and that’s what’s keeping me here!  Mummy keeps telling me to behave at night but each morning she’s found out I’ve had oxygen.

Today Tracy is coming down from Rotherham so I can have ECP which is good as I missed out last week because I was in Sheffield.  My skin looks good though and is almost completely better.

Being back at Birmingham means I can have my special blood serum eyedrops and I’ve been opening my eyes a bit more this week!  The opthalmologists have been to see me and there seems a tiny improvement.


Me happy after having my anaesthetic eyedrops so the opthalmologists could examine my eyes

I really want to go home now and for us to be altogether again!  I really really don’t want to spend another Christmas in hospital and nor do Mummy, Daddy or Ella.