First bath and a new bedroom

Hello! What a depressing post my Mummy wrote!

I’m Oliver and I’m 101 days old now and apart from having a poorly tummy and a stinky stoma bag I’m doing pretty well. I’ve learnt I can get the nurse’s attention if I cry and I’ve not quite mastered how to keepy dummy in so I tend to go bananas if it falls out.

So today I had my first bath. Mummy and Daddy put me in the water and washed me. I was quite happy looking at my toys in my cot and then they put me in a tub of water, needless to say I let them know I wasn’t impressed. It wasn’t so bad in the end though and I got nice cuddles and a bottle after and they told me I’m a good boy (tell me something I don’t know).

I’m now too big to stay on a neonatal ward so I’m going to go to the paedeatric ward soon. Unfortunately this will still be at Leicester Royal Infirmary so my Mummy and Daddy will still have a long way to come each day.

After all the excitement of my bath I’m pretty tired so that’s all from me for now.