Something’s Brewing

Hi guys

It’s been a boring couple of weeks really with not much to report.  The highlight has probably been moving into a bigger cubicle!  I was in the smallest cubicle before and just to get out and play Mummy and Daddy had to move my cot and pump stand so I could play on the floor…but now I have a big room with a nice big window!


I went back to theatre again last Thursday to have the stitches taken out of my cornea transplant in my right eye and had some more amniotic membrane in my left eye and they’ve partially stitched my eye shut to protect it and hopefully that will help the bandage contact lens stay in.  The opthalmologists think I have the lost the sight in my right eye but they’re monitoring it closely to make sure the infection has gone.

I’m getting nowhere with my feed and my stoma losses are still high and randomly even higher some days.  I’ve had a few viruses too so am currently needing oxygen,  so even when I’m free from my PN,  I’m still confined to my room.


Playing while I have my nebuliser

Ella was here most of last week because it was half term so it was nice to see her, when she wasn’t gallivanting round the ward that is.  Mummy and Daddy have swapped round this week so I’ve been with Daddy so far this week and Mummy will be coming to switch with Daddy tomorrow.  Daddy thinks I’m getting poorly as I’ve been really sleepy and my blood pressure is really high too so the doctors are keeping a close eye on me. Jane,  my consultant,  is on service this week so I’m in extra good hands!


I love my Daddy!

As well as Nanny doing her abseil, my other Nanny Julie is going to do a skydive when she goes to Las Vegas in March.  She will be doing this to raise money for Ronald Mcdonald House as they are fantastic and Mummy, Daddy and Ella spend more time there than our proper home.  We are very lucky to have a Ronald Mcdonald House near the hospital as it means they can all stay near me.
You can sponsor Julie here

Anyway, time for more sleepies


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