Still Clueless

Hi guys

It’s me OJ, back again.


Hi guys!

Since Mummy’s last blog not much has happened…and I’m still not ready to go home…

I had more membrane put on my eyes as they weren’t healing as quick as the eye doctors had hoped.  They were hoping to remove half of the stitches from my cornea transplant but the graft hadn’t taken so they’re leaving it a few more weeks.  The silly contact lenses keep coming out so the eye people have to keep coming back and upsetting me.  My eyes were getting really dry overnight so now I’m having drops every two hours overnight and now my eyes feel much better in the morning.

My stoma has still been being naughty and that’s what’s keeping me in hospital.  The doctors don’t really know why,  it’s not infection and it’s not rejection so they’re scratching their heads!  It could be one of my medicines so they’re going to stop that and see and if it’s not that then I’ll have to have another endoscopy.

I’m on PN for 20 hours a day so this means I can’t really leave the ward although me and Mummy managed to escape to Ronald Mcdonald House yesterday for two hours.  I was so happy to go in my pushchair and me and Mummy played on the bed and had cuddles. 


I really want to go home now as I’m getting bored in hospital in my silly, small cubicle.  I’m getting much stronger and enjoying lots of playing and standing up with help.  It’s a bit hard as Mummy and Daddy have to move my cot every time I want to play on the floor, but I enjoy it.  I’m making lots of new noises too and like shouting at people when they come in!  Last week I got a drum so I like bashing that.   Heather, the lovely lady who cleans my room everyday got it for me as she knows I like bashing toys.


Me and my drum!

In other news, a little girl who was on the ward sadly went to a hospice last weekend as her GVHD had flared so badly that there was nothing more the doctors could do for her and she lost her battle last week.  We had GVHD at the same time and the opthamologists said we had the worst GVHD eyes in the country so it’s very sad that she’s not managed to fight it.  Ella used to play with her brother and sister and they were a lovely family so we are thinking of them.

Well that’s it for now!  I’m off to rest,  ready for another day of playing!




"Quick Mummy!"

One thought on “Still Clueless

  1. Paul, Fran and Ellla,
    So sorry to hear of your great loss of your very brave son Oliver.

    I am sure that you have lots of great memories of your darling son to treasure for the rest of your lives.

    Our love to you all.

    Anita and Mesut
    X X X X

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