As Predicted…

Hi guys

Well you guessed right, I’m back at BCH.


I love my Daddy so much I decided to eat his nose!

Last Sunday I had a bit of a rubbish night and spiked a high temperature so Daddy ended up bringing me in on Monday night once a bed was free.   The doctors were great, well they were nasty actually and put a cannula in my foot,  but they started antibiotics straight away and did blood tests and took swabs.  My oxygen saturation wasn’t great either so I had oxygen for a couple of days.

My face has been a real mess, hence the lack of photos this week. My face started scabbing and because I fidget alot this meant my face kept bleeding. I have new steroid cream though and it’s starting to improve.


Scabby but smiling

Dr Hartley thinks this flare is from a virus… and I’ve not been anywhere so I’m going to be completely housebound when I get home!  Mummy and Daddy will have to be super strict with visitors too and hope Ella doesn’t bring any bugs back from school.

This week I also got my special blood serum eyedrops and I started these yesterday so hopefully these will magically make my eyes better. Apparently I’m the first person at BCH to have these and I know the doctors had to work hard to get me them!

After spending the week with Daddy,  Mummy and Ella came over on Friday night and on Saturday I was allowed out to Ronald Mcdonald House so I had lots of fun playing and being silly! On Saturday night once I was tucked up on Ward 8 Mummy, Daddy and Ella went to the German Christmas Market and for dinner. Once I’m home we won’t be able to go and do things as a family because of the risk of infection, so I didn’t mind them going out with me. I’m not allowed mulled wine anyway!  Today Nanny and Grandad came to see me and me and Nanny had big cuddles over at Ronald Mcdonald House.


Mummy, Daddy and Ella having a night out together

That’s it for now and hopefully by my next update I’ll be back at home and getting ready for Christmas!

Lots of love


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