Out On Day Release

Hi everyone

The good news is I’m finally home!  Well I say home but I’m still in hospital alot! Last week I spent 4 days in hospital so I’m spending lots of time on the motorway which means lots of sleeping for me…not that I need am excuse to sleep!


Playing with my sister

My eyes are still really sore and both my corneas are very scratched so I’m having 4 types of eye drops and ointments.  In the daytime my mean Mummy and Daddy have to prise my eyes open every 2 hours to put drops in but they do tell me it’s to help me.

My sore eyes mean I’m still very grumpy alot of the time. My favourite position is having cuddles so I can hide from the light.  Because my eyes are so sore I want to sleep lots but Mummy and Daddy are trying to keep me awake so I sleep properly at night.

I’m back in Rotherham two days a week for my ECP and Dr Taylor and Dr Alfred are pleased to see how well my skin looks as they’d seen the nasty photos from Birmingham from when I was really poorly. 


Enjoying a cuddle up in Rotherham with Daddy

Mummy and Daddy took me to a special corneal clinic last week last week and the specialists had a couple of ideas of how to help my eyes so we’re just waiting to see what the plan is.

The main thing now is just staying free from infection as my immune system is still very very weak and I don’t want to be back in hospital again!


That’s all for now anyway…its sleepy time!



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