My Longest Stay In PICU

Hi everybody

I’m still in PICU, my longest stay…even after I had my transplant! 


Managing a little play with my eyes closed

The good news is that my skin is healing up well after my last flare up.  I just had one dose of campath and luckily that seemed to be enough to fight off those nasty donor cells!  My eyes are much the same and the opthalmologists are checking my eyes regularly.


Me a week ago

On Friday Rachael from Rotherham came to see me and I got the first ever ECP treatment at Birmingham Children’s!  Rachael got a bit of a shock seeing me on a ventilator but I gave her finger a squeeze to let her know I knew she was there!  Today Maggie has come down to give me ECP and then I’ll be having more on Friday too!
I’ve also had another dose of stem cells as these help when there’s inflammation and yesterday I came back from theatre with even less dressings!


I'm slowly getting rid of my bandages and I'm getting long legs like Daddy

The doctors have been a little bit worried about my chest but thankfully I haven’t developed any infections.  Hopefully I won’t need too many more trips to theatre to have my dressings changed and then I can get off the silly ventilator.  Mummy and Daddy haven’t been able to give me cuddles for over 2 weeks now so I’m looking forward to being well enough to come out for a cuddle!

In other news Oleg got GVHD too but Ella the nurse has bandaged him up like me!


Me and Oleg!

That’s all for now, I’m going to carry on snoozing!

Lots of love


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