Back on PICU

Hi everyone

Oliver’s asked me to do this week’s blog as he’s feeling a bit poorly.

After last week’s visit to Rotherham for ECP Oliver seemed to be doing well and we managed to wean his oxygen down last weekend.  We even managed to enjoy a few cuddles and Oliver was able to sit up and play for short spells.


Enjoying a nice cuddle

During Sunday Oliver’s skin got progressively redder as the day went on and he spiked a temperature.  Overnight his skin blistered on his face and neck with new rash appearing on his leg and we knew his GVHD was back.


Oliver being cheeky and trying to get his sats probe

On Tuesday Oliver went to theatre for a dressing change and also to have a new hemo-cath line as his was playing up but struggled with his breathing when he got back to the ward so was quickly assessed by PICU and taken back to PICU and put on a ventilator so we decided to make sure we were all together so Paul and Ella came over after school and Ella had 2 days at “hospital school”.

At the same time we were told by Dr Hartley that as Oliver’s GVHD was flaring up again we only had one more option for treatment and that was campath. 
We had been told about campath before and were very reluctant to let Oliver have it as it has a lot of nasty side effects but our main concern was that it would wipe Oliver’s immune system completely leaving him without any defence against infection.  When campath had been mentioned before we had other options with steroids and mesenchymal stem cells but as these had not had any real effect we decided campath was our last option to try and so on Wednesday Oliver had his first dose of campath.   Thankfully he did not develop any side effects and we expect him to have a further dose or two next week and hopefully this will stop the GVHD attacking his body until he can resume ECP.


Back on PICU again

Oliver went back to theatre again on Friday to have his dressings changed and was also seen by the opthalmologist who was concerned that his left eye was deteriorating because of GVHD so he is now having ointment in both eyes every hour to try and help.  Oliver’s skin is now very sore and raw in several places so he’s sedated to keep him comfortable and also to keep him from trying to pull his ventilator tube!  We had hoped to get Oliver extubated this weekend but he’s needed more breathing support and we’re hoping he doesn’t have a chest infection.

It’s certainly been an eventful week.  Here’s hoping things improve soon.

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