Back at BCH

Hi everyone

I’m writing this from Ward 8 at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.   I was meant to be spending the weekend at the seaside but instead I came here 😐


Me at Rotherham

I went up to Rotherham for my ECP on Thursday but they were worried about my rash as it had got worse on my back and tummy so me and Mummy had to come back down to Birmingham after just one session. My rash got worse very quickly and the doctors were worried it could be chicken pox as I had spots as well as a worsened rash.  Because I’m so immunosupressed chicken pox could make me very very poorly so the doctors have to be extra vigilant.  I’ve had lots of blood tests but the consultants think it’s a flare up of my GVHD so I’ve been having big doses of steroids all weekend and they’re going to try and get me some magic stem cells too.


Look at my poor skin!

Luckily I’ve been able to escape from my tiny cubicle and spend some time at Ronald Mcdonald House with Mummy and Daddy. Yesterday Mummy cooked roast beef and I tried some gravy and custard.

Ronald Mcdonald House is amazing as it’s a charity that provide accommodation to families who have a child in hospital and definitely much better than sleeping on a camp bed on the ward.  It also means we can stay as a family so on Friday night Ella stayed with us too and Oliver was very pleased to see his big sister!  Next time you’re at McDonald’s make sure you put your change in the collection box on the counter as this all goes to this fabulous charity.


Having Sunday lunch at Ronald Mcdonald

It’s been nice to see some of my old friends like the cleaners,  doctors and nurses but I want to go home now!

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