Oliver On Tour

Hi everyone

It’s been a busy few weeks.  I most definitely have GVHD and my skin is a mess.  I keep staring at my fingers and toes as they are really funny looking.

Last week I started my first ECP treatment at Rotherham General Hospital. Me and Mummy travelled up on Wednesday and I had to have some blood taken for a cross match ready for me to start treatment on Thursday morning.  I have a fancy new line now called a hemo-cath and it has two ports on it.


All loaded up for 3 days in Rotherham

I also saw Dr Alfred and him and Dr Hartley had a chat on the phone and decided to increase my steroids as my skin had got worse.
Afterwards we went for a walk around Meadowhall which is a big shopping centre nearby.  Daddy wasn’t surprised when Mummy said she’d been shopping,  he says she loves shopping!

While we’re in Rotherham we stay at a Premier Inn near the hospital and the nice people there let Mummy put my medicines and feed in the fridge so they could be kept cold.  I have my own cot there and it’s noisy when I kick it so I get to annoy Mummy all night!

On Wednesday I had my first treatment.   It was really easy, I just sat and played while Maggie and Cherie hooked me up to the big special machine.   It takes a few hours so I had a little sleep too!


Me having ECP, and a snooze

Afterwards me and Mummy went for a big wall and I had a sleep in the park. My grandad doesn’t live too far away so me and Mummy went there for dinner…well I just had my feed because I’m still too silly with food!

On Friday I had another session before me and Mummy hit the M1 before taking a detour via Birmingham Children’s Hospital to see Dr Hartley.   Because my steroids have been increased she needs to keep a close eye on my blood pressure. While we were there we popped in to Ward 2 to see my old friend Amanda and the other lovely nurses.

The weather has been really nice but skin is super sensitive so I have to stay out the sun.  On Sunday me, Mummy,  Daddy and Ella went to a big park.  I am in the pushchair hiding from the sun!


Where's Oliver?!

I think my new medicines are working because I don’t feel as grumpy and have been a bit more fun to be around…which is good as it’s Daddy’s turn in Rotherham today and tomorrow.

That’s all for now



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