One Less Tube

Hi everybody

Sorry I haven’t updated you all for a while but I’ve been too busy having fun at home!


I’ve settled in really well and love playing with my toys and going out in my pushchair!

I’ve been doing well and Dr Hartley is happy with my progress.  I was very naughty last week though and pulled my NJ tube out when Mummy wasn’t looking so Daddy had to take me back to Birmingham Children’s to have a new tube put down and we had to stay overnight.  Mummy and Daddy are now keen to get me eating and get rid of my NJ as soon as possible.


I look so much cuter without tubes!

My broviac line also started leaking so Mummy had to take me back this week and on Wednesday I had my line removed.   Because I’m not poorly me and Mummy got to stay in a hotel instead of hospital the night before which I thought was great!


Waiting to go to theatre for the millionth time

I’ve had a line since I was about 7 weeks old as this is how I used to get my TPN but thankfully I don’t need it anymore.   This means I’ll finally be able to have a bath which sounds fun!

The weather has been really nice so I’ve been enjoying getting lots of fresh air and watching Daddy working hard in the garden.  I’m also getting much better at tummy time and can sit by myself for a short time.   I’ve mastered saying Mamma and Dadda too and like doing lots of shouting! ☺

It’s Fathers Day today so I’m enjoying lots of cuddles with Daddy because he’s the best! 


Lots of love