Home at last!

Hi everybody!

Guess where I am…..home!!  It only took 350 days!


Oliver's first morning at home

After having an NJ tube passed 2 weeks ago I was able to tolerate my feeds much better and stopped being sick too!  I quickly got back up to full feeds but then I pulled my NJ tube out so had to have another one!

I needed oxygen for a while too because the reflux was making it harder for me to breathe but Mummy and Daddy told me I had to pull myself together so I did.

Over the past week lots of people were coming into my room and giving Mummy lots of paperwork and on Tuesday the doctors said I could go home!
On our way out we saw some of my friends from Ward 2 and Amanda who I love, and then we saw Mr Sharif who did my transplant and made me better! 


Oliver's reaction to being told we're going home

It was late when we got back so we went straight to pick my sister up from after school club and surprised her! She loves having me home….I love it when she’s at school!  She asked Mummy if I could stay the night and Mummy explained I’m home for good now unless I get poorly which she thought was great.  I have to go back once a week to clinic so Dr Hartley can check on me but hopefully I won’t have to spend too much time in hospital!  Because I’m immunosupressed I can’t go to quite a lot of places because the germs could make me poorly but Mummy and Daddy are hoping the weather stays nice so we can have fun outside!


Having a cuddle before taking Ella to school

I had no idea what this home place was that everyone talked about but so far it’s pretty good!  I have a lovely room with monkeys on the walls and I only go there to sleep, the rest of the time I go downstairs and can play in the living room, go in the garden and go out in my pushchair.  There’s so much new stuff to discover!

So, that’s it for now….all this being home lark is tiring!


Lots of love



14 thoughts on “Home at last!

  1. Oh Fran I’m so happy for you guys I’m actually stood in my kitchen crying tears of happiness. Since having Henry I’ve often thought about you and how much having Oliver home means to you just in terms of being a family. I can’t imagine how ecstatic Ella must be. Olivia loves having a little bro.

    Hope they both have fantastic birthdays, enjoy xxxx

  2. Fran this is such fantastic news, so glad your boy can finally come home and be with his family 24/7. Ella looks so big! She is beautiful. Sending you all my love, wishing you so much happiness and lots of health for you all, especially little Oliver xxx

  3. Congratulations! Aren’t you a clever little man. You won’t remember one but I nursed you lots when you was at coventry nicu. Followed your blog ever since you left the unit. Treated up at this entry. So happy for your mummy, daddy and sister! Have an amazing time and continue you to be a good boy! Enjoy your birthdays! Xxx

  4. So happy for you all, had a lump in my throat reading this. Hope Oliver and Ella have fantastic birthday x

  5. Fran this is the best news ever!! I’m so happy for u all, it must feel amazing!! Hope the weather stays good so u can all have lots of fun outside together!!xxxx

  6. I cried when I saw that Oliver had gone home. What a journey you have all had. I was looking after Oliver the day he became really poorly with suspected NEC. We didn’t know if he would get through the day and transport didn’t want to take him to Leicester as he was so sick. I couldn’t leave the unit until we’d got Oliver transferred. I have often thought about him. I do wish you all the happiness in the world. Xxxxx

  7. So lovely to see your smiley face, and that your home. Amazing stuff, and you look so well. Hope you enjoy it and it stays sunny for you. X

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