Birthday Boy!

Hello everybody!

Today is my first birthday! After lots of tough times I’ve finally reached my first birthday and even better, I’m spending it at home!  There’s lots of people who thought I wouldn’t make it, and without my transplant I might not have but I proved everyone wrong and made sure I got home!


Last week it was my sisters 6th birthday and luckily it was a nice day so we took her out for a birthday tea.  I’m not allowed to go to busy places so we sat outside and Ella showed me the ducks!


Celebrating my big sis' birthday

I’ve had a good couple of weeks at home now and have settled in really well. I enjoy going for walks and taking Ella to school and I LOVE my bedroom and having big sleeps!

I’m starting to find my voice and “ba ba ba” is my new noise…and I’ve said “da da” a couple of times so will soon be shouting for my Daddy!

I’ve had two check ups at clinic and everything is good.  Mummy had to take me to A&E last Friday as I got a big rash, but luckily the doctors decided Mummy and Daddy could look after me at home with some extra medicine.  I stayed up til 9.30 pm and was really pleased to be back home! 


Having some tummy time!

Because it’s my birthday I have a special present to share with you all. I hope you enjoy it! http://youtu.be/jEIG3LLxYvs

Right,  I’m off to open some more presents and have a birthday snooze




Home at last!

Hi everybody!

Guess where I am…..home!!  It only took 350 days!


Oliver's first morning at home

After having an NJ tube passed 2 weeks ago I was able to tolerate my feeds much better and stopped being sick too!  I quickly got back up to full feeds but then I pulled my NJ tube out so had to have another one!

I needed oxygen for a while too because the reflux was making it harder for me to breathe but Mummy and Daddy told me I had to pull myself together so I did.

Over the past week lots of people were coming into my room and giving Mummy lots of paperwork and on Tuesday the doctors said I could go home!
On our way out we saw some of my friends from Ward 2 and Amanda who I love, and then we saw Mr Sharif who did my transplant and made me better! 


Oliver's reaction to being told we're going home

It was late when we got back so we went straight to pick my sister up from after school club and surprised her! She loves having me home….I love it when she’s at school!  She asked Mummy if I could stay the night and Mummy explained I’m home for good now unless I get poorly which she thought was great.  I have to go back once a week to clinic so Dr Hartley can check on me but hopefully I won’t have to spend too much time in hospital!  Because I’m immunosupressed I can’t go to quite a lot of places because the germs could make me poorly but Mummy and Daddy are hoping the weather stays nice so we can have fun outside!


Having a cuddle before taking Ella to school

I had no idea what this home place was that everyone talked about but so far it’s pretty good!  I have a lovely room with monkeys on the walls and I only go there to sleep, the rest of the time I go downstairs and can play in the living room, go in the garden and go out in my pushchair.  There’s so much new stuff to discover!

So, that’s it for now….all this being home lark is tiring!


Lots of love