Reflux & Oxygen


Sick bowl at the ready

So after getting our hopes up and rushing to get Oliver’s room ready for him to come home we’ve taken a backwards step! 

Oliver started needing oxygen 2 weeks ago for what the doctors thought was a virus.  This combined with vomiting has led the doctors to believe Oliver actually has reflux and so yesterday he was given a new NJ tube which will feed him into his small intestine and hopefully stop his reflux.  His feeds will need to be restarted slowly so to get Oliver back to full feeds may take a few weeks.

The respiratory team and physios have been looking into Oliver’s breathing issues and they might need further tests to investigate how severe the reflux is.  Oliver’s had several chest xrays and there’s no sign of infection but it’s thought that when Oliver is sick he’s swallowing some which is going into his lungs and causing his breathing problems.


Oliver with his nebuliser

Until Oliver is off oxygen and tolerating full feeds he can’t come home…. so it’s looking less likely we’ll have Oliver home by his first birthday and we had really hoped to give Ella and Oliver a joint birthday party.

I can’t even put in to words how frustrated I am….just when we got the closest we have ever been to bringing our boy home we’re back to square one with no end in sight.  We delayed getting Oliver’s bedroom ready for so long and now it’s finally ready and a constant reminder of how he should be home….not 60 miles away.

One thought on “Reflux & Oxygen

  1. Its sad its gone a little bit pearshaped but your reward will be seeing him grow into a man. He’s proved he’s strong. He’s a lovely little boy and you will get him home. Uncle Mick and Auntie Lynne. Xxxxxxxxxxx

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