Getting Ready


Only me!

Hi everyone

Sorry I haven’t updated you for a little while but it’s been a busy couple of weeks!  It’s the school Easter holidays so my sister has been visiting lots and has had lots of fun at the hospital and has been given lots of Easter eggs!

I’m doing really well and on full feeds of 49ml per hour now which is all through my NG tube because I decided to pull my NJ tube out.  The most I tolerated before my transplant was 10ml per hour so I’m doing really well.  I’ve had a few stoma biopsies and everything is good!

I’ve been having breaks from my NG feeds and eventually I’ll be having overnight feeds  so I’ll be off my feed in the day and free to play.   Mummy and Daddy were able to take me to the conservatory coffee shop the other week which was lovely and lots of my hospital friends came and said hello.  Some of my friends from Ward 2 have been to see me too.


Off the Ward at last

The doctors have been talking about me going home and on Wednesday Mummy and Daddy went to a discharge planning meeting with all the people involved in my care and they’re all busy getting things in place for me to go home.

Mummy and Daddy have been extra busy as they’ve just moved house so have been busy decorating every night!  Ella has a lovely new room and Mummy and Daddy were painting my bedroom until late last night.  I can’t wait to get home and see it!

At the moment I have a little cough and I’ve needed a bit of oxygen to help me breathe but I’m starting to get better.  Mummy and Daddy are pleased because I’ve been a bit grumpy!


Me at my best!

Right, I’m off to play!

Lots of love


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