Last Stop, Ward 8

Hi everybody!

Phew, what a busy couple of weeks I’ve had!  I’ve left my friends on Ward 2, got a new liver and bowel but I’m now back on Ward 8 where my journey at Birmingham Children’s Hospital began!


Me and my Mummy, Daddy and big sister

I’m feeling so much better now I’ve had my operation but I was pretty cross at first because I had to have a horrible ventilator to help me breathe for the first 9 days,  then they gave me a horrible oxygen mask. Finally I had some nasal prongs to help my lungs but I soon showed the doctors and nurses I could do it by myself and they took them out. 


Having a break from the nasty oxygen mask

My tummy is now fully closed and I only had to go back to theatre twice to have it closed and my tummy is now healing nicely and I can sit up again now, which I like as I like being nosey!  My lovely surgeon Mr Shariff has been popping in to check on me lots and he said he’s my friend! He’s my friend because he’s made me better!  So many doctors come and see me to check I’m doing ok and I’m starting to realise that they don’t want to hurt me!  I have to have stoma biopsies to check for rejection and lots of blood tests too but they don’t hurt .

On Wednesday I moved out of intensive care to HDU on Ward 8.  It’s great to have my own room again as it’s lovely and quiet…and I get to watch Cbeebies! After two days though the nurses decided I can go in a normal cubicle and I got my old Ward 8 room back!


Feeling better with Daddy

All the doctors are really pleased with me and once Mummy and Daddy have learnt how to give me all my medicines I can come home!  Mummy and Daddy have told the nurses I need to get home for Ella’s birthday and then we can have a joint birthday party!  This home place sounds really good and Mummy and Daddy are promising me a good bedroom!

I’m on loads of milk now, 35 ml per hour and that means that yesterday my PN was turned off,  for hopefully the final time!  The doctor said the next step will be to reduce my time on continuous feeds, and then Mummy and Daddy can take me for a walk outside!   He said something about cars and sky, but I can’t really remember what they are!  I can’t go to any busy indoor places though because my immune system is too weak and there’s lots of nasty germs about,  but that’s OK and Mummy and Daddy and Ella are planning lots of picnics this summer!


That’s all for now!



12 thoughts on “Last Stop, Ward 8

  1. Yay oliver fingers crossed u will be aloud home soon. So so glad ur doing well cant wait to meet u. Love to u and mummy, daddy and ella. X x x

  2. Fantastic news for you all. Really pleased you didn’t have to wait too long for your new tummy. Looking forward to hearing of your discharge date which I hope won’t be too far away

  3. Awww Fran I’m so happy to read this update. I can’t imagine how excited you must be at the thought of bringing Oliver home at last. He is such an awesome little boy xxx

  4. Awww Fran loving this update, Oliver is a true fighter and such a brave young man. I cant imagine how you all must feel about the thought of Oliver getting too go home, I bet his big sister has the widest smile ever over sharing her party with her special little brother xx

  5. What a lovely read. Can’t believe the journey you have been on Oliver. What a fighter. Hope you get home in time for party time with Ella. Amazing, just amazing…. xxx

  6. Dear Oliver,
    You have been so brave. You are such a special little boy.
    I wish you a speedy recovery and I hope you are soon home with mummy, daddy and your beautiful big sister Ellie.
    We are all thinking of you constantly.
    With all our love auntie Neeta and uncle Mesut.
    Lots and lots if kisses and hugs.
    X X X X X X X X X X

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