On The List

Hi everyone

After last week’s depressing post from my Mummy I thought I’d better take the reins this week!


I’m now officially on the transplant waiting list so I’m trying to stay as well as possible while I wait.  My billarubin has dropped a bit so I’m doing the best I can!  I’m also gaining weight well thanks to my PN and am over 8kg now.  The doctor’s have been trying to reduce my PN but my silly blood sugars keep dropping!


Having some tummy time

I’m still on yucky modular feeds through my NG tube and I can only tolerate 4ml an hour.  Yesterday I tried some Banana Delight though and it was really yummy.   I did have a sore bottom but thanks to some magic Ilex cream my bottom is now better so hopefully I might start to be able to manage a bit more feed.

Daddy is back to work so I won’t see him for two days.  I love my Daddy lots, he makes me smile!  Mummy’s good fun too and I like chatting to her.  I’ve learnt to shout now so I can try and compete with my chatterbox big sister!  I’m also getting better at sitting up and can nearly manage it by myself!


Me and Mummy's selfie

I think that’s about all my news for this week!



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