Taking It Steady

Hi everyone

It’s been a fairly uneventful week on Ward 2 this week.  I’m feeling pretty good and have been enjoying lots of playing with Mummy and Daddy.  I’m getting pretty tickly and giggled lots the other day!


I’ve been back on my milk for most of the week and I’m just having it through my NG tube.  Mummy has now been signed off to do my feeds and Daddy isn’t far behind!  I’m up to 7ml per hour so I’m nearly back to to what I was having before my surgery.  Hopefully this means I can have my PN reduced soon and then I might even be able to escape from the ward for a little bit.


Practising sitting up with Mummy's help

The surgeons are happy that the operation went well and that I am pooing so they won’t be checking on me anymore.

Dr Hartley came to see me the other day and gave Mummy a pretty graph showing my billarubin levels and they’re looking OK at the moment…but they need to come down further.  I also had a blood top up this week as my haemoglobin had dropped.

Mummy and Daddy have rearranged my room this week as I always look to my left and they’re worried my head will stay a wonky shape so they’ve tricked me and moved my cot so I have to turn the other way to see what’s going on!  I only have a boring wall to look at otherwise so I suppose they’ve won!


Me turning my head the other way for a change!

That’s it for this week!

Speak to you soon


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