Back To My Best


Chilling with Eeyore

Hi everybody

Since I last wrote to you all I’ve been feeling loads better.  After a couple of days rest I was well enough to sit up and go in my jumperoo and was back to my usual smiley self!

The doctors tried me with some milk on Tuesday but it made me really sick so my feeds were stopped.  I decorated my cot a couple of times!  On Thursday I had an xray of my tummy so they could check everything was ok…they wanted my nappy off for it so of course I had to wee all over the table!  I was also given some suppositories to try and help me and voila, I soon had a yucky nappy.   Mummy made a big fuss and told me I was a clever boy and Daddy told all his work friends, they’re so weird sometimes!
I’ve had Dioralyte since yesterday and I’m going back on big boys milk too.

The good news is my liver levels have improved a bit so Mummy and Daddy are crossing their fingers and toes that they stay that way!  The next couple of weeks will be important in deciding whether I need a transplant so I have to try my hardest to get better!

I also had a big hearing test this week, which of course I passed with flying colours.   You have to have good hearing in here to keep tabs on the nurses (hey girls!)

I’ve had a nice weekend with Mummy and Daddy and Ella.  I love weekends as it means I get to see my silly big sister!  Nanny and Grandad came to see me today too so I was on my best behaviour and was super smiley for them! I even had a little chat with Nanny!

That’s all for now.  I hope to be back with more good news next week.

Lots of love



Apparently I look like a gnome which Ella thinks is hilarious

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