Together Again


Hi everybody

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for my Mummy and Daddy as the doctors have been talking about getting me a new liver and small bowel.  I’ve had to have lots of tests done to see how my liver is coping and if my liver has made other bits of me poorly.
The doctors decided that it would be best to rejoin my small intestine to my large intestine while my liver is stable and then in time hopefully they will be able to give me more milk which would mean I would need less PN and that would give my liver a chance to recover. My liver might still be too poorly so they think I might still have to go on the transplant list. I’m going to show them how strong I am though!

On Friday Mummy and Daddy changed my stoma bag for the last time (after I managed to leak all down Mummy!!) and put me in a special gown before taking me and my cot on an adventure to theatre.  Mummy and Daddy held my hands and stayed with me until I was asleep.  When I woke up Mummy and Daddy were waiting for me and they followed me back to the ward.


All ready for theatre

Dr Jester has said that the operation went well and I have 35cm of small bowel which is 15cm more than they thought!  I was really sleepy for the first couple of days so I needed oxygen as I was too tired to breathe by myself. My tummy is really sore but I keep forgetting and then I kick my legs and it really hurts and it makes me cry. I’ve got lots of medicine to help though. Mummy and Daddy have been giving me lots of cuddles though so that’s made me feel better and my big sister Ella came to see me yesterday too.  I was too tired to smile at her but I knew she was there!


Doing big sleeps to get better

I felt lots better today and was back to smiling at Mummy and Daddy who were trying their best by making silly noises and pulling faces. I really wanted to play but I have to stay lying down so it doesn’t hurt my tummy.
The liver and gastro consultants and surgeon have all been to see me today and they’re happy with me so I just need to keep telling my liver to get better!

Anyway,  it’s time I did some more resting!



On the mend

2 thoughts on “Together Again

  1. So glad I can still catch up on how Oliver is doing. He is beautiful and such a strong little man with such a strong family supporting him. Sending my love, Kim xxx

  2. So glad I can still catch up on how little Oliver is doing. Such a beautiful strong little man with such loving and supporting parents and family. Sending my love, Kim xxx

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