New Year, New Hope

Hi everyone

The good news is Oliver recovered from his bronchiolitis and line infection in time for Christmas. Oliver clung on to a trickle of oxygen but I gave him a talking to on Christmas Eve and he did as he was told and was in air and full of smiles on Christmas Day.  Santa brought him a jumperoo which he loves although his little legs don’t yet touch the floor. He was spoilt rotten and has lots of lovely new toys and clothes at home waiting for him as well as presents donated by Birmingham City FC, Starlight, Radio Lollipop and the lovely nutritional team.

Oliver is coming on massively with his development and is now full of smiles and giggles.  He was assessed by the physios on Monday and is on track with his development for his corrected age of almost 4 months but needs to be persuaded to have some more tummy time. 

Both Paul and me have started our PN training and yesterday we had our home assessment by the community nurses to discuss PN at home which was all very positive.

So while Oliver has turned a corner and seems to be doing well we were optimistic that his stoma reversal would take place shortly…however we were dealt a new blow yesterday when the liver consultant Dr Hartley said his liver is a cause for concern and he cannot be reconnected until they are sure his liver can cope.  It’s a catch 22 situation as for Oliver’s liver to recover he needs to tolerate more feeds and less PN…but that can’t happen without reconnection which poses a threat to the liver at the moment!  Frustrated doesn’t come close!  The next steps are to do an ultrasound on his liver and spleen and to do a liver transplant assessment which will take a couple of weeks.

We remain hopeful his liver is stable enough for the reconnection as we don’t even want to consider the need for a transplant right now….we just want our boy home.

Here’s hoping 2014 will be a more positive year.



My awesome family on Christmas Day

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Hope

  1. Glad to hear the little man has recovered from the bronchitis, your hard work is paying off as he is getting bigger and stronger every single day. Oliver is very lucky to have such a wonderful mummy, Daddy and big Sister. Love to you all x x x

  2. Happy new year to you all and lets hope that 2014 is a good year for everyone 😉 How frustrating it must be for you and Paul in the catch22 situation. Try and stay positive and hopefully Oliver will be lookin at a reversal very soon. Take care and lots of love to you all xxx

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