Another Blip


Hi everyone

Just when I thought I was about to see the back of my stoma I got poorly!  I got RSV virus and now have bronchiolitis and another line infection so I’ve been feeling rubbish all week.

Last Saturday my line tore so on Monday the clever nurses came and made a temporary repair so I can still have my PN.  Mummy and Daddy were then told that I have RSV virus that causes bronchiolitis so I couldn’t have my stoma reversal as it would make me too poorly.

By Tuesday I had spiked a temperature and was being sick and feeling yucky.  It was really hurting when I was coughing and I’ve been really wheezy.  I’ve not really been wanting my bottles so have been having most of my feeds through my NG tube.


Having a bottle and holding Daddy's hand

The doctors said I would get worse before I started to get better and they were right.   On Thursday I started having oxygen as I was struggling to breathe by myself and also was really sick on Daddy a few times!

My liver has got a bit worse because I’ve been so ill so Dr Hartley wants my stoma reversing as soon as I’m better and they will put a new line in at the same time.

I’m starting to feel a little bit better and am sleeping lots! I’ve kindly shared my germs with Mummy and Daddy so they’re both poorly too!

I hear it’s 3 days til Christmas so here’s hoping we’re all better! Mummy, Daddy and Ella are coming here to spend the day with me!

Happy Christmas everybody



2 thoughts on “Another Blip

  1. Hi Oliver ..I came across your blog while looking at feeding research.I am an NICU nurse in the USA..but I came over here from England :-). 20 years ago.You are a fantastic little man and are making amazing progress.I know a boy like you who just had his first birthday ! Babies like you always amaze me with your strength and tenacity ..its a long road but HOME is at at be end of it and you are going to love it there !!Thinking of you and sending you lots of healing thoughts !!!¡K

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