Bye Bye Stoma


Hi everybody

Hope you’re all good and looking forward to this Christmas thing.  I’m not too sure what it’s all about but it sounds like there’s new toys involved, so that sounds good to me!

I’ve had a pretty good week and have been smiling and giggling lots! I can use my arms more and love waving them around and trying to touch Mummy and Daddy. I was giggling loads at Mummy the other day and she started crying.  Daddy’s right, she’s silly.


Me sitting in my bumbo with Mr Cow, my favourite toy

I have got my first cold though and have a horrid cough so I’m being a bit lazy with my milk and the nurses have been putting it down my NG tube instead.

Mummy and Daddy started their PN training this week (its called PN now as it’s partial nutrition not total nutrition) so they’ve disappeared off a few times to do that.  Mummy was moaning because she’s had to get rid of her nice nails but she said I’m worth it! 

The surgeons came to see Mummy and Daddy yesterday too and they’re still planning to reverse my stoma next week and it could be any day from Tuesday onwards.  Hopefully the surgeon will be lucky when he opens me up and finds more bowel tham they expect as otherwise I might lose my ICV which is a sort of one way valve between my small and large bowel and maybe my appendix too.  The surgeons can’t lengthen my bowel at the moment so hopefully I will be ok or otherwise they may lengthen it when I’m bigger.

I will try and update you all next week but I will get Mummy to write if I’m a bit poorly after my operation.

Lots of love


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