Bedding In


Me and my nee naa vest (my Daddy drives one of them!)

Hi everybody

Sorry for taking so long to update you but I’ve had a hectic week with meeting new people and of course doing growing.  I’m now 12lb 2oz! Mummy is pleased as it gives her an excuse to buy me new clothes!

I’m settling well into Birmingham Children’s Hospital and winning over the nurses with my dashing good looks and winning smile!  I’m getting stronger everyday and have learnt how to hit my toys.  I love sitting upright now so I can see what’s going on!


Me sitting like a big boy!

I started the week with lots lined up so the doctors could check out my liver but by Tuesday they decided my liver wasn’t all that bad so they wouldn’t carry on with their plan! Still, I have had an ultrasound, a brain scan and a barium study!

On Tuesday my Mummy and Daddy met my consultant Jane Hartley who explained that my liver is improving so my care will be transferred to the gastro team.  Dr Wong my new consultant came and had a long chat with Mummy and Daddy and they will soon be coming up with a plan on when to put my tummy back together….and get me home! Because Ward 8 is a liver ward I will be moving to Ward 2 soon. 

To get me home Mummy and Daddy will soon be trained on TPN and there’s lots of other things for them to sort out.  Of course I need a nice bedroom to come to!

I have also had some special tests done on my stoma poo to see what I can and can’t absorb and I’m now on special feeds called modular feeds where my milk is specially made for me depending on what ingredients I need.  So I’m now having 26ml of milk every 3 hours and at night time I have continuous feeds through an NG tube.  So I have a silly tube up my nose again and so far I haven’t pulled it out! 

I have mastered sucking my thumb this week too but still like to mix it up and have my dummy sometimes as well!  I have made Mummy and Daddy smile lots this week by starting to giggle too!

I made it into the local paper (Leamington Courier) this week as well with my Mummy, Daddy and big sister to share my story of NEC.


Look! That's me!

That’s all for now!


2 thoughts on “Bedding In

  1. Great News!! SO glad it’s all looking positive! Lots of love to you all xxx p.s what would Oliver like Santa to bring him? xx

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