Last Stop, Birmingham Children’s Hospital

So yesterday (22nd Nov) Oliver was transferred over to Birmingham, our fourth and final (we hope) hospital.  This week it was agreed that Birmingham Children’s would treat Oliver as a priority and get him admitted as soon as a bed became free.

Oliver’s new home is on Ward 8 which is the liver ward and he will spend the next two weeks having a liver transplant assessment…which sounds pretty scary but liver transplant will be the last resort so we are both hoping his liver can be repaired.  Birmingham also deal with small bowel transplants so this is something else that could be explored if needed.

Paul was working yesterday so me and Ella (having a sneaky afternoon off school) went to Birmingham to wait for Oliver.  He has a lovely new room and we soon unpacked and made him at home.


Oliver arriving and desperate to get out for a cuddle!

From speaking to Oliver’s consultants Anne Wilmott at Leicester and Jane Hartley at Birmingham his stoma reversal will happen fairly soon and depending on the state of his liver he may be put back together without a step procedure to lengthen his small bowel as they do not want to risk his liver working harder and becoming worse.   The next couple of weeks will hopefully give us a better idea of the bigger picture.

Otherwise Oliver is doing really well.  He is now solely on Pepti Junior which he tolerates well and is up to 18ml 3 hourly.  His stoma losses are high but this is to be expected. Oliver is coming on so well, his head control is getting much better and he’s very alert.   He listens and watches us so intently and smiling and cooing more each day.

Oliver and Ella adore each other and he smiled at her non stop when he saw her last weekend, much to her delight as she’d not seen him smile before. 


The best big sister a boy could ask for!

I know a fair few of the staff on Ward 28 read Oliver’s blog so here’s a massive thank you to all of you for doing a fantastic job in caring for Oliver and making sure he got his night time cuddles too!  A special thank you to Emma Green the ward sister and Anne Wilmott for always taking the time to talk to us and involve us and for treating Oliver as the special little boy he is and not just another case.
Emma the play specialist too, I will treasure Oliver’s diary forever…although you nearly made me cry with the last entry in Olivers diary!


9 thoughts on “Last Stop, Birmingham Children’s Hospital

  1. Nanny and Grandad can’t wait to see you again soon, you are such a brave little soldier and you are so lucky to have such a wonderful Mummy and Daddy. Thank you Leicester Royal for taking such good care of our little man !

  2. What an amazing little boy and family. Bonds are being made that will never be broken. You are all an inspiration to others going through the same thing. Take care and lots of love to you all xxxx

  3. I spend a lot of time thinking what might have been, what our journey would have been like if Elijah had survived. I am really pleased for you that Oliver’s story is different, but it’s so hard me to read. Hope Oliver continues to go from strength to strength. The NHS is amazing.

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