Hello Smiler!



Hi everyone

Well, I’m still here in Leicester! The plan is that Birmingham Children’s Hospital are going to have a meeting on Tuesday (19th Nov) to chat about me and how to try and fix my liver and short bowel and then once they have a bed I can go over. I’m not sure how long I’ll be there but hopefully I’ll get to go and see the pretty Christmas lights in Birmingham!  I’d like to be back with my friends in Leicester for Christmas though! 

My new line is working well and I’m back in my old room on Ward 28.  I felt a bit of a fraud in CICU as I was fine apart from having just had a new line so they moved me back that night after they had given me some more blood!

Christian the dietician is my new friend because I’m now having 12ml of milk 3 hourly.  It means my stoma losses are quite high but hopefully it will help my liver.  The bad news is that my supplies of mummy milk has run out so I’m now starting to have a new milk called Pepti Junior….it’s yucky!  Mummy and Daddy both said I have to get used to it though!

I’ve had lots of fun this week, on Sunday I went for a big walk into town with Mummy and Daddy and on Monday I went in a car for the first time, it made me sleepy!  I’ve had lots of good play sessions with Emma as well as Mummy and Daddy and I have been practicing my smiles too.  Daddy is starting to get a bit grumpy because I don’t smile much for him so I suppose I better crack a smile for him too so he doesn’t feel left out!


My first car journey

I’m now 10lb 11oz too so starting to get too big for my babygros!

Mummy, Daddy and Ella are coming to see me soon after Ella’s swimming lesson.  I’ve missed my big sister as I haven’t seen her for 2 weeks!

Speak to you all soon



Having a nice snooze

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