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Hi everyone

So after a steady few weeks with Oliver gaining weight and overcoming his infection we didn’t get this week off to a great start!

It’s half term here so we left Oliver in the excellent hands of Ward 28 to visit Paul’s nan in Bournemouth for one night.   On Monday as we were heading home, we got a call to say Oliver had spiked a temperature due to an infection and the line needed to be removed.  Oliver had become poorly quite quickly and needed oxygen.  By night Oliver had been to theatre before going to intensive care to recover.

On Tuesday we rushed to see Oliver who was unsurprisingly a bit grumpy but thankfully back on Ward 28.  Our gorgeous boy had taken a big step back with nasal prongs and a cannula in his foot, as well as being monitored for oxygen saturation. His feeds had been stopped so he was very hungry with no TPN or milk to satisfy him.  Luckily the doctor agreed to resume his feeds, and Oliver was instantly content!


A slightly grumpy boy fighting the germs

Oliver is now off the oxygen and has a scalp cannula as his foot cannula didn’t last. He is much brighter in himself and we now need to wait until early next week until the doctors are sure the infection has cleared before he goes back to theatre for his third line.

Oliver is very lucky to be visited every morning by the fabulous play specialist Emma.  Emma visits Oliver before we arrive in the morning and is keeping a lovely diary of Oliver and his playtime adventures.   She even managed to capture Oliver smiling at his toys this morning. ..


First ever smile on camera

Today we had our first big meeting where we met with his Consultant, the Ward Sister, Dietician, Pharmacist and Surgical Registrar to discuss Oliver and the overall plan.   It was really helpful to be able to speak to everyone at the same time and although the end is not yet in sight, we do know the rough plan of action…the main obstacle to overcome being whether Oliver’s small intestine does stretch with the current procedure and if it doesn’t what happens next.
Our next steps are to start to learn how to put up his TPN so this will mean regular overnight stays with Oliver which will be a juggling act but means we’ll be ready to bring our boy home when the time is right!

The good news is that once Oliver has his new line his TPN will resume as it was with 7 hours break….so the plan to bring him home on Christmas Day is still possible.

As always thanks to everyone who has read and shared my blog. 



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