Piling On The Ounces


Hey everybody!

First of all, hello to all my new followers!  My blog has now had over 6000 views and I’ve got fans as far away as Australia and America!

I’ve had a good week and now weigh 10lbs 5oz!  The doctors and nurses keep saying how well I look and everyone loves my chubby cheeks!
My feeds have gone up to 8ml every 3 hours which I love!  Even if I’m having a sleepy day I still wake up enough to guzzle my milk!

On Monday the surgeons came to see me and put a catheter in my stoma.  This is a long tube with a bung in the end and they keep the bung in for 4 hours and then take it out for 2 hours to try and stretch my intestines.  I don’t mind it and hopefully it will work as I really want to see what this “home” place is like.  It sounds nice!


Me and my big sis!

I’ve had lots of fun this week and Emma the play specialist has been to play with me lots.  She brought me a special chair called a Bumbo and I’ve been sitting in there and trying to hold my head up.  She sings lots of songs with me too and takes lots of photos for my special diary.

Mummy and Daddy have learnt how to lock my line when my TPN finishes so they have done this every day this week and that’s meant I could have a little walk round the ward with them.   I love being out of my room, there’s so much to look at and lots of bright lights!
I had another bath this week and Mummy put lots of nice bubbles in and Daddy held me in the water.   I splashed around a bit and decided baths aren’t actually too bad!

My big sister Ella had a day off school yesterday so she came to see me and gave me lots of cuddles and played with me.  When my TPN finished we all went down
to the café for lunch but because I couldn’t have anything I had a little sleep instead!

I know when my Mummy and Daddy are with me and I love seeing them.  I can almost smile and reckon I’ll get it sussed very soon!  In the meantime it’s really funny watching Mummy and Daddy do silly things to try and get me to smile!


Having a nice cuddle with Mummy

My Mummy, Daddy and Ella are coming to see me in a little while so I better have a little sleep before they get here.

Speak to you soon.




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