Another Hiccup

Well we finally made it outside. On Monday Oliver’s TPN finished in time for us to be able to take him for a walk around the outside of the hospital and to the restaurant for a cup of tea. It was so nice to be able to be able to take our baby for a walk, even if it wasn’t in the most exciting of places.  Oliver seemed to like his pram anyway and slept the whole time!

But just when things were going well Oliver started spiking a temperature on Monday and today (Wednesday) it was decided his broviac line has become infected. As a result his TPN has had to be stopped and he’s had to have a cannula in his scalp to give him fluids and antibiotics.  His feeds have also been stopped.

As I arrived today Oliver had just had his cannula inserted into his head and his jaundice levels have risen so he looks quite yellow and waxy. He is also back on oxygen so this all came as a bit of a shock.

As Oliver needs extra support he has now been moved to a high dependency ward where he can be monitored more closely.  He has had his fair share of attention with nurses, doctors and surgeons all visiting him and deciding the best plan of action.

Oliver relies on his broviac line for his TPN and will need this line for a long time so the doctors are trying to clear the line infection with antibiotics. If Oliver deteriorates further then the line will need to be removed, which will mean another trip to theatre for another line.

It was very hard leaving Oliver today as I’ve just sat and cuddled him all day, holding his dummy while he’s been wriggling around as he’s missing his bottles.  Whenever he’s been poorly before he was very young and slept most of the time but today his big eyes were looking at me and I just wanted to make it better.

Get well soon little dude!

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4 thoughts on “Another Hiccup

  1. Didn’t like the title of this, knew what it was going to say 😦

    I know it’s no consolation but this is the norm, well what gem had – everytime got progress felt back to square one 😦

    Hope the antibs clear the line and start process again.

    Glad you got out for a cup of tea, he is looking nice and podgy! Plus point of no tpn is liver gets a break and the yellowness will disappear!

    Awww scalp Veins ;( actually we got to like them as the docs got in easier without all the poking and prodding, also last longer as she wouldn’t pull out!

    I wish I had written a blog to have a record of all these times.

    Thinking of you all x

  2. What a day poor Oliver as if he hasn’t been through enough , keep strong u little fighter look how far u have come already all of u!!!!! Lookin forward to hearing the news of u feeling better xxx

  3. Oh Oliver what a sweetheart you are, keep fighting little man and let the antibiotics do their stuff then you will be able to go for a much more interesting walk outside with Mummy, there is a big wide world out there waiting just for you x

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