More milk please!

Hi everyone!


It’s been a pretty uneventful week on ward 28 this week so I’ve spent a fair bit of time sleeping.  All this resting is paying off as I’m now 3.4kgs. The surgeons are going to do a contrast scan in a couple of weeks where they’ll be able to see how my bowel is growing and when they might be able to put me back together!

On Thursday my Mummy took me out of the ward for the first time. I didn’t have a clue where we were going and it was bright and noisy.  We went to the coffee shop and I could tell Mummy liked being off the ward with me for the first time as she nearly got happy tears!

My Mummy and Daddy promised me they’d take me to the park with my big sister today but my blood sugar levels have been a bit low so my TPN has had to be slowed down so we didn’t get chance to go. I was looking forward to going to this “outside” place they talk about as well!  I did get to see the playroom though and it looks fun..but hopefully I will be home before I’m big enough to play in there.

My milk feeds have been increased a little bit too which is good as I love my milk.  I’m having 8ml 3 hourly. I just wish there was more! I have special medicine too to help my liver which is a bit sour but I like it. Mummy and Daddy laugh because I pull a funny face and smack my lips together when I have it!

That’s all for now. Let me know what you’d like me to tell you next time.



PS. Because I don’t look poorly this picture shows why I can’t go home.  The line in my chest is where my TPN goes and below that is my stoma.

7 thoughts on “More milk please!

  1. He is looking great:) gem loves her meds – happy to get anything orally 😦

    all change now, unless it’s calpol it’s a fight!that ng was handy at times….


  2. i know what its like to want to just take your baby out of the pain & discomfort an ilness causes i just lost my little girl to cdh she lived for 38 days they were amazing days, i know shes an angel now whtching over her brother, i hope all goes well for your son & you.

  3. Oliver you are a little stunner, I would love to hear more about how you are going to fight to be a strong boy so that you can go home with Mummy and Daddy and have snuggles in bed with your big sister like my baby boy does with his big brothers and sister xx

  4. What a little stunner you are Oliver. I can’t wait to hear about your first trip to the park and how you are going to fight to be a strong boy so that you can go home with Mummy and Daddy and have snuggles with your big sister just like my little boy does with his big brothers and sister xx

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