Oliver graduates from NNU

As if being an hour away from Oliver wasn’t bad enough I’ve got a sickness bug so haven’t been able to see Oliver for 2 days so far.  Good job Paul is taking lots of pictures for me although he’s back at work tomorrow so he won’t get a visit. I want to see him so much but need to know I’m not going to pass on my germs!

Oliver was moved from NNU to the children’s ward last night and has a side room because he’s young and in isolation. His favourite nurse Keara got him all ready for his move doing his care, changing his stoma bag and putting a fresh baby gro on and took him to the ward. He now has a full size cot so looks tiny in it.

Oliver now weighs 3kg (6lb 10oz)

5 thoughts on “Oliver graduates from NNU

  1. Woo hoo 3kg! Although being on children’s Ward was daunting at first I did like it – my own space to sing to gemma without anyone listening and space to bring in bits and bobs of toys for her – mobile for big cot etc. she was in over Christmas so room decorated loads..,

    Hope you feel better and get in to see him soon.

    • Ah did you decorate it yourself? Paul is working Christmas day so not sure how we will juggle it. I’d really hoped he’d have been home. With you on the singing, I did feel a bit self conscious on the ward!!

      • Yes we decorated ourselves. We went in first thing to see gem then visiting rules relaxed so my mum and Dad came to see us. From October time was parents only to restrict flu etc on ward so they were pleased to see her 🙂
        My sis and her hubby then came in with their wee one and brought the ‘starter’ for Christmas dinner so had a little party.
        After gem in bed at 6ish we went to my mum for the rest of our meal – safe on a very quiet Ward.
        Hope Oliver not still in at Christmas 😦
        If she hadn’t been on oxygen for swine flu gem could have come home for the day – they tried to arrange that for most kids or even a couple of hours.
        The Ward bought her a lovely present as did the Santa Arranged by the hospital charity so I oddly have fond memories of the day!

      • Ah that sounds nice. Oliver has a 5 hour break from TPN so we should be able to start taking him out soon. We’re an hour from the hospital so too far to come home really but at least we can go for a walk

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